OpenFOAM® Training Series:

The Basics

A one-day introductory course to help you to discover what you can do with OpenFOAM®.
At the end you will have a clear idea how to set up and run a CFD simulation and post-process the output.
No previous experience with OpenFOAM® required.

The Tricks

A three-day course for more experienced users.
We will show you how to choose suitable solvers (and modules) to get the best results and how to deal with a simulation crash.
At the end you will know what to do when a problem occurs.
Previous experience: Ability to set up and run a simulation with OpenFOAM® and view the results.

The Tricks 2.0

A three-day advanced course with a taster of a custom OpenFOAM® code development.
When you know exactly what you need but OpenFOAM® does not offer it.
Previous experience: Advanced user experience, equivalent to The Tricks course.

We also offer Custom Training Sessions - courses adapted to your requirements. Contact us to find out more.